Military Might In The New Age

The military defense role has gradually shifted away from its primary role to provide security to improve commercial interests. With the development of the industry and the advancement of science and technology, defense production lead producer-buyer relationship between the market-oriented developed and developing countries.

For strong skills, the military previously identified with political power has become a trademark of economic power. But preventive factors are at work. Active international diplomacy, together with intellectual circles and knowledge gained from previous experiences, successfully taught the world community to disarm for peace and development.

The world community is now smart and aware of the great danger of life due to a lack of resources. They campaigned for resources through a collective effort to save humanity and the world from further degradation. Resources are scarce and even rare in poor countries with a growing population, which is already suffering from hunger, illiteracy, and unemployment.

For these countries, preparing for war soon, which may never happen, is a big waste of valuable resources in terms of people, money, and material. History provides evidence of the use of armed force. If a hungry person is given a stick to stop him from crying because of hunger, he will bite you and joined neighbors to the cause of the disaster.

Instead of using resources to quell anger, we must use the resources to fill a hungry stomach hungry and teach people to grow crops to sustain their future needs. Resources used for military procurement can be usefully used for peace and development.