Auto Body Shops In Winnipeg – Bumper Repair Vs Bumper Replacement

Today's vehicles are made of various types of fuel-efficient materials such as lightweight alloys and plastics. The repair shop needs to know the various materials and techniques used to repair them.


Body repair and collision repair services refer to the bumper repair manual. Different types of materials require different surface treatments, disassembly, and installation procedures. You can also search online for bumper restoration in Winnipeg.

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Bumper repair

If the plastic bumper is cracked or there are small holes in it, it can be repaired to make it look like new. Replacing bumpers is a waste and creates unnecessary waste for our landfills. A good, environmentally conscious auto repair shop will only recommend replacing the bumper if the damage is so severe that the repair time is deemed unreasonable and the quality of the result is unsatisfactory.

The cost of repairing minor scratches, nicks, and holes in plastic bumpers is often much cheaper than replacing parts. Of course, many collision repair technicians prefer to replace parts and charge for their labor plus a markup on the cost of the parts because they don't have cosmetic repair skills and it's easier to guarantee work.

Proper cleaning and preparation are essential for proper bonding and finishing. Whether the technician is repairing or replacing the bumper, the part should be cleaned. The bumper to be repaired may be contaminated by the road. New replacement parts may be contaminated from the manufacturing process.