Benefits of Swedish massage in Annapolis

Swedish Massage Therapy is one of the most popular and well-practiced types of therapeutic massage. This massage is focused on muscle relaxation and targeting superficial muscles rather than deep-tissue massage's connective tissues. It also increases blood circulation.

Are you unsure if you should make a reservation for a Swedish Massage? You might like to see some of these benefits.

Pain management: Swedish therapy in Annapolis is an effective way to manage chronic pain if you suffer from a condition such as osteoarthritis or sciatica. Your massage therapist can help you target the pain points by using a stroking motion. This will improve circulation and reduce muscle tension.

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Increased blood flow: Effleurage is a long, slow stroke in the direction of blood flow towards your heart. It's used by Swedish massage therapists to open your blood vessels and increase blood flow. Your body will remove toxins faster and your muscles get more nutrients.

Rehabilitation for muscle injuries: To address adhesions, your Therapist should use friction and kneading to help. These are when muscles tissues fuse. This technique relaxes muscle layers and makes it feel like the Massage Therapist is "working out all the kinks".

Flexibility: You can experience more motion when your muscles are relaxed. Regular stretching and Swedish massage are great ways to prevent injuries from workouts and maximize your exercise time.

Stress reduction: In Annapolis, Swedish massages can be used to increase relaxation. You will be seated at a table with a professional who will spend between 60 and 120 minutes giving you a massage. You will feel relaxed due to the combination of the environment and hands-on attention. You can get better sleep by lowering your stress levels.