Know About The Different Types of Outdoor Rabbit Hutch

It is a popular choice of pet worldwide, and the rabbit is no exception. They are affectionate, loving and prefer to be with their owners. Rabbits are intelligent, curious, playful, affectionate, and trainable by their instincts. 

You can leave them alone during the day if they have a companion rabbit. You can also shop online for rabbit hutch & cage in Ireland via InTheMarket.

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History has shown that domestic rabbits are a descendant of wild rabbits from Europe. They are also a popular source of game and food animals in many European countries. Travelers who are looking for alternative food sources introduce them to other countries. They were also introduced to Europe in the Middle Ages and the Mediterranean region in the Roman period.


There are many types of outdoor rabbit hutches

  • A basic single hutch is a simple, one-story wooden housing. It is 24×30 inches in length and has an opening door or roof.

  • Elevated single-hutch: It is similar to a single hutch but is four feet higher than the ground. This type of hutch can be cleaned easily and will keep your pets safe from predators.

  • Double-deck hutch: This hutch can accommodate two rabbits and is great for pet owners.

  • Triple-deck hutch: This is a three-story structure that houses three rabbits.

  • Deluxe hutch and run: This is a 2-story hutch that has a contraption, living quarters, and trap door. It also includes an adjoining ramp for them to move around.