Memorable Musical Debuts On Saturday Night Live

Sturgel Simpson, who has just appeared on the latest live event for the initial time, has joined the roster of recording professionals who have been pleasing visitors on the great-running program.

Perhaps the most memorable musical performances did not occur until the second show, hosted by Paul Simon on October 18, 1975. Art Garfunkel came as a surprise and joined his longtime musical partner Simon for a touching performance of their hit The Boxer. To have updates on best debuts visit

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Since then, hundreds of the most famous musicians have participated on SNL, including many who have performed up to half a dozen shows. Here are the top twenty debuts as well as the dates.

John Prince

An influential folk singer and composer played at the show on October 16, 1976.

Elvis Costello

This show caused controversy on December 17, 1977, when Costello and the attraction released their hit Radio Radio against the wishes of those in charge.

Bob Dylan

The future Nobel Prize winner underwent a religious transformation when he sang "Serve Someone" on October 20, 1979.

David Bowie

Following Fame's success, which had peaked at number one two years earlier, Bowie was at the peak of his trade when he took to the SNL stage on December 15, 1979.

Elton John

Sir Elton sat at his piano on April 17, 1982, more than a decade after his first single "Your Song" hit the top ten.