Natural Skin And Hair Care

No matter how much or what you're aware of about natural products for personal hygiene you'd probably be hesitant to believe the hype surrounding these products, regardless of the way it was offered to you.

Unfortunately, these substances are being introduced into your lipstick, shampoo, and lotion. To make matters worse the synthetic ingredients are advertised to customers in bottles that advertise "all pure," "botanical" and "organic."  So make sure you choose the best hair styling clay products.

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There are however several fakes and efforts that are making use of the natural beauty craze. This is why this information was created to assist those looking to navigate the waters no matter the stage you're at on your journey to natural beauty.

Hair Care and Conditioners

Natural conditioners generally work best when you wash your hair. They could range from the hot oil treatment consisting of a base that is blended along with oils essential to your hair, or a mix of powdered herbs and clay to a homemade food mask made of items from your fridge like lemon, yogurt, avocado, and olive oil. The beneficial components of the treatment stay after shampooing.

Exfoliators, Toners, and Skin Treatments

Make sure to choose toners alcohol-free. There are many clays available that can be blended to match your skin type or purchase clay facials that are already mixed. 

Clay is great for exfoliating dirt from your skin and cleansing pores.