Need to Know About the Dental Veneers and Health

The material used in making dental veneers is porcelain or composite resin. But the dentist and patient generally prefer porcelain veneers because they have the ability to hold teeth stains better than the composite resin. Another reason why the first was chosen mostly because it gave the look and feel of a natural teeth. Resin veneer is even thinner than porcelain veneer and they don't need substantial tooth removal. You can easily find dental veneers in Portland via

Procedure to get a dental veneer

You will be asked to visit your dentist three times for the success of settlement of your dental veneer. The first trip will be your dental consultation and analysis. The second and third is to make and finally apply Veneer. The veneering process (for one or several teeth) is as follows:

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In the first stage of the dentist you will prepare a diagnosis plan and require your proactive participation. You need to tell your dentist about why you want to undergo this treatment. Your teeth will be checked and based on the examination of the dentist you will inform whether the teeth veneer is suitable for you or not.

The second stage is preparation. For this dentist you will delete around ½ mm from your enamel. This is the right thickness of the veneer that will be added to your teeth surface. Your dentist will then make a model or impression of your teeth.