Plumbing Repairs In Houston For Pressure-Valve Toilets

A pressure-flush toilet that flushes water from a water supply line must be connected to a pipe larger than usual, either 1 or 1.5 inches. This toilet allows water to flow at 30 gallons/minute. If parts fail, this can cause flooding or waste.

A pressure valve toilet has three components: a stop valve that shuts off the water quickly in an emergency and a handle assembly. All toilets have the same handle and stop valve. Plumbing problems related to toilet flushing often occur. To fix the issue, you can also take professional help for flush valve repair in Houston.

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There are two types of pressure valves. One uses a piston and one uses a diaphragm. You can easily identify the two types by their exterior profiles.

The one-piece, round cover of a diaphragm is what makes it easy to identify. It is almost twice the size of the pipe that leads to it. A piston valve's cover is slightly larger than its pipe.

Replace worn parts to fix leaks and other problems. Parts made by different manufacturers cannot be interchanged. Be sure to mark the manufacturer's name on the device. It is usually located on top of the pressure vessel.

Adjusting the stop valve can regulate the flow rate of a diaphragm valve. The flush cycle duration is automatically controlled by the diaphragm. A piston-type valve can be controlled by turning a screw at the top.