Pregnancy Antenatal Care – Your Health Care Team and Appointments

During pregnancy, your and your baby's health is monitored closely, but who should you see? When do you need to see them? And what are all the pregnancy tests and scans for?

Finding out what antenatal care you should expect when you're pregnant can be confusing. For the best antenatal care services, you must visit So here's our guide to help you through this exciting time.

Your Pregnancy Health Care Team

Your team of health care professionals during pregnancy can be quite varied. Initially, you should see your family doctor when you think you're pregnant and they will help you plan your antenatal care.

Your doctor should tell you how to arrange your first appointment with your midwife and from there the midwife will look after you and your baby throughout your pregnancy and for the first few weeks after your baby is born.

Pregnancy checkups

During your first pregnancy, you are likely to have up to 10 appointments to attend to. The number of antenatal checkups you have when pregnant depends on many things:

  • Your risk factors
  • Any complications
  • Elected labor options
  • The number of babies you are carrying
  • The area in which you live.

All pregnant women will be given their medical records to keep hold of during pregnancy. Don't forget to bring them to all of your appointments so that whichever doctor or midwife is treating you will have your notes to hand.