What Is Apple’s Healthkit?

Apple launched HealthKit in 2014 alongside iOS 8. Apple's solution to managing and sharing your health data is HealthKit. HealthKit allows developers to access and modify health data stored in a database managed through the operating system.

This opens up many possibilities for developers. There are thousands of apps that integrate with HealthKit. This article will take a closer look into apple healthKit and the possibilities for developers to use it.

What is it?

HealthKit does more than just store and share health data. It is an easy way for users to combine data about their health and fitness. HealthKit makes it easy and convenient for developers to collect and manage health data.

Sharing data

HealthKit's key feature is its ability to share your health data with other applications. Some applications aggregate data, while others collect data. HealthKit works well with both types of applications.

Any application that integrates to HealthKit can read and insert data into the database. However, users must grant permissions to an application to read and write data to HealthKit's databases. Privacy is important because health data can be sensitive.


Apple continues to stress its concern for privacy and HealthKit is a clear example of this. HealthKit data management software must be integrated with applications.

It is up to the user to decide which data an application can or cannot access. HealthKit is very strict about permissions. Let me show you an example. HealthKit can tell an application whether it can write data that is specific to a type of data, but it cannot ask if it is allowed to read data of that type.