Wanted To Have Shattered iPhone Screen Repair Services?

iPhone was a luxury handset that has many high-level features that allow it to be one of those nowadays' most-wanted smartphones. With no keypad open, all tasks are finished on the phone's incredible touchscreen display. 

Imagine that you use it for 24 hours a day and 7 days per week, it'll at least leave a thin scrape on the glass. Although the iPhone screen is hardy, it is perhaps not unbreakable. Carelessness in handling your iPhone, an accidental fall, extra pressure, etc. can crack your iPhone screen glass and make you an expensive iPhone Screen Replacement.


Since all tasks are complete in the touchscreen display, you cannot deny to instantly have the cracked screen glass repaired. The good news is Apple's products have a warranty, and the i-phone has a one-year warranty to cover manufacturing defects only. 

The good thing is you still should cover a costly figure if the broken screen glass is caused by the user's misuse or injury. To deal with your iPhone glass repair, Apple will charge a service fee of just as much as $199 for a 4GB i-phone and $249 for an 8GB i-phone with an extra $6.95 for example handling and shipping charge. Remember, it's just the service charge, not such as the spare part cost.

Apple's expensive service cost makes the iPhone users hunt for other cheaper ways to get their own iPhone glass repair. However, they will have to be certain that the cheap ways can deliver a flawless effect since the Apple warranty will perhaps not be valid anymore in the event the customer or a third party has completed repairment on the iPhone.