How to Use Enamel Paint on Fused Glass

Hello! Today I want to give you some tips for painted fused glass. I hope these tips can help avoid some beginner frustrations! A side note: This excerpt is based solely on my personal opinion and should only be used as a guideline and jumping-off point for enhancing your creative potential.

I use glassline paint to paint 90 or COE glass 96. Glassline paints can be purchased at Delphi Glass and other fusing glass sites. Glassline recommends thinning the paint, but I've never had one for that. If you dilute it too much, the paint will simply run off the tip of the applicator. When you buy your paint, be sure to buy at least 2 silver tips. You can also go online to purchase Glassline paints at

The tips are not included with the paint, and I haven't found these tips for quite some time. These tips are simply screwed onto the painted surface and then ready for use. Paint can be applied over the glass (my preferred method) or between layers of glass.

Closing Tip:

If you are creating a design using three or more paints, the tips wear off very quickly. I cut a piece of thin wire found in my toolbox that I have on hand to use for jewelry-related wire wrap projects. Just insert the wire into the end and it should be clear.


Here is my top advice for you! Most stores that sell fused glass have small squeeze bottles, as well as tips on mixing the paint as well as thinning the paint. Buying one of these inexpensive plastic bottles can save you a lot of time.

Here's how I use them. When I'm done painting, I take the tip of a Glassline bottle. Replace the Glassline bottle and then the cap that came with the bottle. This is a great way to keep your tips in good shape. If you put them in a paint bottle, they will clog and cut down on production.


An overview of the Olympic Kiln

Olympic Kilns has been manufacturing high-quality, affordable ovens since 1972. The company was originally based in Seattle, at the base of the Olympic Mountains. In 1982, he moved to Georgia to be closer to the raw materials needed to make ovens.

Olympic has more models, styles, and types of ovens than any other manufacturer. Electric or gas Olympic ovens for hobbyists, industrial manufacturers, and production studios.

Olympic is a well-known manufacturer of ovens that are extremely affordable and highly professional. It is their proximity to insulating firebrick and other furnace building materials that allow them to build excellent products at an extremely low price.

Olympic furnaces are used for glass melting in gas and electric furnace models. Olympic Kilns offers more styles and models than any other oven manufacturer.

Olympic ovens can be unique due to the variety of models and designs available. Today the company manufactures more types of ovens than any other company. They will have an oven that adapts to your space and adapts to your needs. Olympic can also manufacture custom ovens.

The smallest size of the Olympic ovens is configured for 120V household power and has a 20 amp plug for easy installation. These models are ideal for small ceramic, glass, and metal projects. Many of the fires at Cone 10 temperature.

Olympic is a leader in energy-efficient kilns for potters concerned with green study practices. All at an affordable price. The Medallion series is designed to provide masters and artists with professional quality furnaces. They feature standard 3-inch brick walls. These walls are 1/2 inch thicker than other oven walls. This allows heat to be better retained and requires less electricity to heat your oven.


Glass Sinks: Where Art Glass Meets Function

Glass sinks are one of the most beautiful home trends today. It can turn your sink into a positive focal point.

Many wonder if glass sinks would be a practical investment, but the truth is that these sinks are as durable as they are beautiful, and with proper care, they will provide you with satisfaction for many years to come. If you want to know more about Skutt Kilns, you can browse the web.

Decoration for your room

Glass sinks are generally the container design sink that is becoming more and more popular for home design, but they can also be wall-mounted or base design.

Several of these glass sinks additionally incorporate light into the top. The light could be over the sink, either underneath or actually inside the glass to enhance the luminescence of this glass.

To see examples of such sinks, you can visit a luxury home design store, or you can refer to one of the many online resources for information on glass countertops or retailers that sell them.

Container Mount Sink – These types of glass sinks are mounted to the countertop or other surfaces with an edge of their own or dropped into a hole in the countertop.

Pedestal Design – Those glass sinks have a single base for a base or multiple legs.

Hanging on the wall: Those glass countertops also known as wall-mounted, have the sink pipes hidden behind the walls, along with the faucet and other accessories that protrude directly from the wall.