Three Questions to Ask When Buying a Capsule Polisher

As with any major purchase, before you buy a new capsule buffing machine, you should do your research. Knowing how you will use it and how much you will need to spend is important to know before handing over your money to the machine of your choice.

This article describes the questions you need to ask before choosing capsule polishers, and how answering these questions will help you make the right decision.

  • What's my budget
  • Do I need this machine?
  • Is the capsule polishing machine effective?

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What's my budget?

Without considering the budget, it is impossible to decide where to start shopping. With capsule polishers being the cutting edge precision tools for professional pharmacies, you'll want to spend over $ 1,500 on a regular machine.

Do I need this machine?

If you want to distribute and sell capsules, you really need a polisher. For capsules, the blister and its parts must be closed tightly to fit. If excess dust builds up in the capsule filling machine and whatever tools you use to pack the capsules, you can find capsules that look messy, dirty, and unprofessional. Three things are very important (related to the product) for a customer who buys capsules from you:

  • cleanliness
  • consistency
  • Order of appearance

Is It Beneficial?

Manual filling, polishing and sorting of capsules is a slow task. And renting it to you is expensive in the long run. The machine does not require medical benefits, sick leave, vacation, or staff. This is an upfront investment for long-term savings.