Car Polisher in NZ – Is it Better Than Wax?

Many people don't know the difference between car wax and car polish. In this article, we will explain why you should polish your car/motorcycle instead of waxing. Further, we will try to explain why you believe it is better to polish your car/motorcycle using a product such as shine master. 

This professional-quality car/ motorbike polish in NZ is far superior to waxing. This product is one of the most sought-after today. You can also look for the best car polisher in NZ via

Car Polisher

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Most people apply wax to their car's paint too lightly or too heavily. This can lead to excessive streaking and wax caking. People also tend to apply wax to their cars without removing the old wax. 

This can cause wax buildup, which can make your car's paint look terrible. The main problem with wax is that it tends to yellow after a while. This can cause your car/motorcycle to have a yellowish tint to its paint. This is not good. Another problem is that waxes can harden, which makes it difficult for paint to breathe properly.

These are just some of the reasons you prefer detailing polishes. This product is used by many auto-body shops to finish detailing the vehicle before it can be released to its owner. It's easy to apply and take off, leaving a beautiful shine to your paint.