High Security Colocation Facility

Colocation web hosting assures you that even the force of a storm can cause a power outage or other disaster that can damage servers or data. Colocation web hosting offers a reliable security system that works around the clock.

Colocation allows fast data access which is still a tight security system while large amounts of data are being processed. It controls access via a new security management system that uses a common operating system and powerful database and software servers.

colocation facility

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Security systems are analyzed and organized based on criteria, taking into account the company's business plan, accessibility, and vulnerabilities. Cameras and other types of devices are integrated to increase security at the facility.

Also, a close-up map and a biometric fingerprint reader are integrated to increase the security of unauthorized access to information. Authorized persons use data cards or tapes to access server rooms and other sensitive areas of the facility.

Because the investment is large and the equipment is stored on-site with a third party. Physical security must be sensitive. The following increases security:

Access control – control of secure access to data centers, server racks with key fobs, and closed cards. Access should be restricted to some high-level professionals.

Video Surveillance – All doors should be equipped with video surveillance cameras and monitored using virtual screens and video equipment.