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There are several key factors that must meet in order to efficiently use electrostatic pistols. First of all, you must select the correct atomization technology for your coating purposes. There are several electrostatic atomization technologies to choose from. Electrostatic air spray weapons are the oldest and most common. You can check out the coronavirus cleaning in Jacksonville at https://pure-jacksonville.com/fogging-in-jacksonville/.

These firearms use compressed air as a primary means and only to atomize the coating. These weapons are the most commonly used in applications requiring a "class A" automobile finish. Firearms offer a lot of control over the pistol such as fluid flow using the fluid needle adjustment knob and fan control using the fan adjustment knob. In addition, the amount of fluid can be controlled by the way the operator pulls the trigger. This is called "plumage" the pistol.

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The main source of fluid control is determined by the fluid pressure from a low pressure pump, the air ranging into a pressure pot or a fluid regulator mounted near or in the spray booth. The viscosity of the coating and the size of the fluid nozzle also affect the fluid flow. Although air spray electrostatic pistols have a high atomization, they are also the least efficient of electrostatic pistols. 

This is due to the potential use of high atomic pressure to atomize the coating. The use of high atmospheric pressure can defeat the electrostatic attraction by forcing the particles charged with paint beyond the room or creating an excessive rebound or a surprise.