Consider These Important Factors While Getting Dentures

The denture wear experience is influenced by three factors: stability, support, and retention.

Support: The underlying tissues and the gums are collectively are called the oral mucosa. They support dentures by keeping them from sliding down vertically or deeper into their respective arches. 

The buccal shelf and gums play a significant role in the support of dentures. The palate supports the denture for the lower jaw. Dentures with larger flanges provide better support. The supplier of durable dentures in Houston TX must use the border mold process to ensure that the flanges of the denture are properly extended.

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Replacing a denture set

The dentures will not last a lifetime and should be replaced as soon as possible. Over time, the bone supporting dentures begins to erode. The denture at the upper jaw rises higher and higher below the upper lip.

This causes the lower denture to move downwards. As this happens, the distance between your nose and the tip end of your chin decreases. This can lead to changes in the shape and size of your face that may be irreversible.

If dentures have been worn for a long time, the dentist will not be able to create a new set that is satisfactory. A new set of dentures should be made every 5 to 7 years.