Aggression of a Dog Leash – Tips That Will Save Your Puppy

Leash aggression can be a big problem when it comes to walking your puppy or dog. From German Shepherd to Shih Tzu, it doesn't matter the size or breed. Dog owners are very stressed when their dog gets out of control while on a dog leash.

Good Leash Behavior: How To Train Your Puppy Or Dog To Walk On A Leash - DogTime

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Dog reactions to other dogs from barking to growling can be a nightmare and there's a reason for that. Your puppy may react violently as soon as he walks in the park and notices another dog. He starts pulling on the leash and starts barking, if you approach another dog it can get worse.

You need to understand these 3 secret tips that will save your pup. These tips will keep your puppy safe from aggression and bad dog behavior.

Insider tips against aggression on leashes:-

1. Socialization – Your dog may not be socialized adequately. This bad behavior can be a reaction to a lack of socialization with other dogs. He may be scared or scared or want to establish himself in front of other dogs. He should slowly learn socialization techniques, such as desensitization.

2. Obedience – You are part of his group, but you are the leader, you have to prove to him that you can lead him and stay calm. He will always react badly when you are nervous or angry and start yelling at him.

3. Timing and Avoidance – this means teaching your dog how to dodge other dogs remotely to guard his ground without worry. As a dog owner, you have to teach him proper timing with shelter commands.