Can Fingerprint Time Attendance System Help You?

Fingerprints of an individual are used popularly in biometric machines to simply record their attendance. Fingerprints are used consistently because they allow empowering rapid affirmation. If you want easy management of your workforce, then you can get fingerprint presence set-up.

This article will help you to decide on the fingerprint machine for a time presence recorder.  Fingerprint attendance system is used for controlling the physical safety accessibility, authenticating privilege for a specific business process, and additionally recording the presence of the employee in the office premises. 


The detector is the most significant part of the fingerprint system. It captures the image of the mic before being converted into a special identification number. 

There are two most common kinds of detectors: optical detector and silicon detector. It's a lot easier to apply and relatively more secure in varied room temperature. However, its functionality will be highly determined by the clarity of the optical surface. 

Because of this, when picking a fingerprint machine using an optical sensor, you ought to think about the coated optical detector. The jacket prevents the detector from being touched right and preserves the clarity of the surface. 

But, unprotected silicon detectors won't be durable for regular use. Thus, Silicon Sensor isn't widely used for public use like time attendance machines which are going to be obtained hundreds of times daily.