Isuzu D-Max 4X4 Pickup Ute Review

The Isuzu D-Max V-Cross holds the lead in pickup truck culture. Isuzu D-Max pickup trucks have a worldwide fanbase. It is a great idea to appreciate a brand like Isuzu's attempt to create a pickup truck lifestyle revolution in India, especially for adventure-lovers and enthusiasts.

The D-Max, with its legendary brand credentials, is starting to look like a clear winner in an otherwise aging market. The design of the stylish Isuzu D-Max 4×4 pickup trucks has changed slightly despite it being a complete overhaul with a new body.

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The D-Max stands out in the pickup market with its samurai-related cues, such as the front and rear angled lights. Isuzu is a Japanese brand. The cabin's design is also admirable, but it was more about functionality than aesthetics. Many functions are conveniently grouped in the most obvious places, and the toggle switches on your dash feel Mercedes-like. 

Although the touchscreen is simple to use, it can be a bit bland to look at. Pickups are now a topic of conversation, particularly double-cabs that come with well-equipped double-cabs and prices exceeding one million baht. The D-Max V-Cross model has soft-touch plastics on some parts of the door panels and fascia.

The cabin of the D-Max is now spacious. All seats are well-shaped and comfortable to sit in, with generous legroom. This bodes well for the upcoming Mazda BT-50, which will be shared with the D-Max by Isuzu under an agreement. The Ranger is responsible for the development of the current-gen BT-50.

Although the 3.0-litre diesel-turbo engine and six-speed auto transmission are familiar, the engine now produces 190hp, 450Nm and is up from the previous 177hp, 380Nm.