When To Replace Your Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers play an important role in your car's suspension system. You should replace them when they show signs of wear, otherwise your safety and comfort could be compromised.

Shock absorbers "dampen" the compression and extension of the vehicle's suspension springs to prevent sustained impact. You can also check for the best shock absorbent via the web.

Shock absorber

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Shock absorbers absorb road impact, prevent excessive bounce, limit sway and improve overall road management. When your shock absorbers are working properly, your car will hold the road when you are stopped, cornering, driving on rough roads, or experiencing strong winds. 

Worn out shock absorbers can cause loss of control of your vehicle and seriously endanger you, your passengers and drivers in other vehicles.

One way to determine if your shock absorbers need replacing is to run this simple test:

1. Grasp the corners of your car's bumper.

2. Squeeze as hard as you can.

3. Note: Armor must drop, bounce back, and drop again once. If it moves continuously, then this special shock is no longer effective. Repeat the test on the other three corners of your car.

Other signs of impact wear can be seen from a leak and by observing tire wear patterns. If you feel bad driving every time you drive, that may be the best indicator that your shock absorbers or struts need replacing.