Reasons Why You Should Use a Mortgage Broker?

As independent mortgage brokers and agents, we work for the borrowers and not for the lenders. The main benefits of using a mortgage broker are:

  •  Access to the Best Rates and Products
  • Outside the Box Lenders
  • Shop The Market
  • Free Service to You
  • Access to the Best Rates and Products

Therefore we have access to the best rates and also access to hundreds of different mortgage offerings. You can visit to hire the best mortgage brokers in Sheffield online.

How to Become a Mortgage Broker (Now with Infographic)

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Outside the Box Lenders

Better known as non-traditional or Blenders, these financial companies very often have a more relaxed approach to the credit standards and conditions. 

Not everyone will fit into the bank's nice and neat traditional credit box. If you have a somewhat troubled credit history or are self-employed, these lenders may be just what you are looking for.

Shop the Market

If you were to shop the market on your own this could easily take days if not weeks. As well every time you apply for a mortgage your credit score takes a hit, lowering your score each time. 

Also, with our product advisor software, we can determine the best lender and product for your situation by inputting your data into our system.

Free Service to You

In the majority of cases, the mortgage broker is compensated by the lender. There are situations when the lender does not pay the mortgage broker a finders fee, in which case the borrower will be charged directly.