Floridas Latest Online Notary Services

There are many reasons why an online notary is a safer alternative to a traditional private notary. The OnlineNotary. platform uses technology that analyzes driver's licenses issued by state ID cards or passports in seconds. 

This sophisticated identity verification process is nearly impossible for a traditional private notary to perform and greatly reduces the chances of identity fraud. You can contact Florida’s trusted remote online notarization via Notary Agent Elite.

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And all documents signed and sealed in the remote online notary session are sealed with anti-counterfeit technology, making it easy to detect unauthorized changes to documents.

This is not possible with wet ink and paper notary, where it is very easy for someone to make illegal changes to notary documents. Online notary meetings are recorded and their transcripts are kept in the notary's archives for several years. 

The minutes allow the parties to review the meeting for signs of alleged coercion or wrongdoing. The identity of the signer in the online notary hearing is verified using a two-step identity verification process consisting of a third-party analysis of the signer's identity document and a series of evidentiary questions.

Each document that needs to be signed in the online notary session is displayed on the screen of the notary and the signer. 

The signer affixes his electronically generated signature on the document, while the notary affixes their digital stamp and digital signature and fills out the notary deed. The digital document contains an encrypted certificate for a notary digital signature.