Workplace Safety – How To Reduce Hazards In The Workplace

As a Business Owner, you are accountable for the safety and health of your employees at work to ensure that your employees stay productive and your company is operating effectively. Here are some simple safety warning signs for employees to assist in managing an environment that is safe for everyone.

  • Tidier is not necessarily safer. It sounds ridiculously easy, but a clean and neat workplace is a more secure one. Poor housekeeping is the biggest single cause of accidents that occur in offices and in industrial settings.

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  • Rubbish is to be placed into recycling bins and never allowed to accumulate on the floor, within areas of gangways, or inside yards. Clean up thoroughly after each job, and then return equipment clean and in the correct location.

  • Do not let leaks or spills go unnoticed and clean them promptly when they occur or notify your Facilities contact.

  • A lot of accidents occur when people trip, slip and fall. They are generally simple and easy to avoid; basically, ensure that everything is placed in the right place and not a danger to the trip.

Follow safety guidelines and pay attention to any signage that you encounter. It's easy to get indifferent and disregard signs, however, they're designed to remind you that you must be doing, or not doing to protect yourself.