Information About Solar Pool Covers

If you don't have a pool heater, a solar pool cover is the next best option. A sunny pool cover is great for the environment because it can save heat and energy by reducing evaporation and heat loss at night. You can also use a tanning pool to increase pool heating. Discover more about best automatic pool covers through

Information About Solar Pool Covers

Did you know that by simply covering your pool with a solar pool cover, you will find the single most effective way to reduce your pool heating costs? The solar pool cover acts as a vapor barrier for indoor and outdoor pools and drastically reduces heat loss through evaporation.

You can liken the lack of pool coverage to heating the house while keeping the windows and doors open in winter. This is a silly concept because that's usually how you get rid of heat and money.

This also applies to your pool. If you don't cover your pool with a layer of pool sun, you are usually losing heat and money! The heating system works best with solar pools.

Outdoor pools get their heat from the sun, absorb about 75% to 85% of the sun's energy, and hit the pool surface. Solar pool covers help trap this heat and reduce heat loss through evaporation.

Indoor pools are not as susceptible to seasonal elements as outdoor pools, but they lose the same amount of energy through evaporation.

The indoor pool causes a lot of humidity in the surrounding air; hence, the existence of evaporation is evident. Therefore, adequate ventilation must be installed to reduce humidity in the indoor pool.