The Benefits Of Natural Menstrual Pads

Natural menstrual pads are not only soft and comfortable to wear, but also bring health benefits to your body. Breathable cotton pads help reduce allergies and thrush.

Disposable feminine hygiene products are not sterile despite their whiter-than-white appearance. In fact, the plastics they contain create a humid microclimate in this warm and humid area where germs and fungal infections such as thrush can easily breed.

When women experience irritating problems such as thrush, vaginitis, or pain, doctors and health professionals usually recommend that they wear cotton period pads.

cotton menstrual pads

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But without thinking, they often continue to use feminine products or regular brand sanitary napkins for panties made of synthetic and plastic materials. 

Many women with skin allergies, irritation, pain, and itching find that their symptoms worsen during periods due to the synthetic nature of their choice of feminine hygiene products.

The cloth pads are gentler on the skin and allow natural airflow which can help stop thrush, rashes, and related problems. The original waterproof lining for women consists of a special fabric that is breathable and does not leak and offers air circulation and added security.

Cloth menstrual pads are more comfortable than disposable hygienic tampons. Waterproof fabric pad, which is more comfortable for women when choosing pads. The cloth pad is easy to carry, easy to put in a purse or pocket.