Importance Of Restorative Dentistry

You can have a simple procedure for a tooth replacement, or a complicated series of procedures called restorative dentistry. This type of dentistry is used to replace missing or damaged teeth and restore function.

Why choose Restorative Procedures?

People tend to view restorative and conservative procedures as cosmetic. However, it is important that people realize that problems with teeth can lead to eating difficulties and even sickness. 

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Missing, broken, or misguided teeth can make it difficult for you to properly chew food. This can cause digestive problems if the food is not properly processed. These problems can be corrected by restorative dentistry, which may include dentures, braces, or implants.

What Does It Do?

Multiple appointments are required in most cases of restorative dentistry. An initial appointment will involve examining your teeth and taking X-rays. Then, a treatment plan will be developed. Most dentists will recommend that you have an initial round of antibiotics if you experience pain or swelling.

New systems can be found at selected locations today that allow for restoration in one visit. In a matter of minutes, porcelain veneers, crowns, outlays, and inlays can all be done in the office. This is a great advantage because patients don't have to move with missing teeth. However, it is important to remember that these procedures may not apply to all cases.