Your Suspension Bushings Keep You On The Straight And Narrow!

Have you ever felt that your car was unstable? Do you feel that you are deviating from the line when you make a normal curve? Maybe the vehicle isn't driving as fast as it used to. These are some of the signals caused by worn rubber bushings.

If your car's suspension is factory installed that's where a large number of these beautiful new rubber bushings will be added as an integral part of the installation. They make it possible to connect various car suspension and steering parts such as wishbones and suspension straps in a smooth and controlled manner. Without working sockets, driving your car will be very tattered, awkwardly uncomfortable, and loud!

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Rubber bushings fail after a certain period of use. There's nothing you can do about that. The thing is, your rubber bushings can't withstand the corrosive effects of the many chemicals that are constantly being ejected off the sidewalk you are riding on. Plus, the lubricants, fuel, and solvents that keep dripping from your car onto the suspension aren't your tire friends either! 

Over time, beautiful elastic tires begin to harden and lose their elasticity. The brittle rubber bushings can't withstand the normal daily stresses a car's suspension expects, so they start to crack, peel, and break. They start to fall apart, leave no adequate depreciation where it is most needed, and the results are all too obvious!