All You Need to Know About Golf Balls

This is a solid and hollow sphere specially made to be used in the game, it means a ball used when playing Golf. There have been modifications and improvements of balls since the genesis itself. The first types of balls that were used are the hard wooden round dating far back to the 14th-17th century.

When these were improved it birthed the feathery balls. Later on, this called GUTTA-PERCHA was made, they are less expensive and could be repaired when damaged.

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The GUTTA-PERCHA has an improved shape that reduces drag when moving through the air, although this doesn't stop modifications on it as ball manufacturers made a new type of balls named BRAMBLES by making indentations on the balls. After the BRAMBLES were the BALATA-COVERED golf balls towards the end of the twentieth century.

Golf balls with the URETHANE BLENDS were introduced afterward because of their durability and high resistance to cutting. Golf balls can either be 2-piece, 3-piece, or 4-piece.

A standard one should not be more than 45.93gram in mass and a diameter not less than 42.67mm. The lift and drag of any golf ball are determined by the hardness of the ball's innermost layers, hence a ball with hard innermost layers will travel farther whilst that of softer innermost layers will be vice versa.


The importance of choosing the right one cannot be overemphasized, some reasons why it's important to select the right ones are discussed afterward: