The Coca-Cola Company Announces Strategic Steps to Reorganize its Business for Future Growth

"We've been around a journey of several years to transform our company," said President and CEO James Quincey. "Changes in our work system will change our marketing to promote further growth and place the application closer to customers and clients while allocating a portfolio of powerful brands and under the discipline of innovation. 

As we implement this change, which will continue to evolve our business, which may include substantial changes in building our workforce " Nine companies’ new work unit can help simplify the business by replacing existing business units and types. 

Operating units are interconnected, with much more consistency in construction and concentrate on eliminating duplication of scale and resources of new products faster. You can buy coca-cola online from TopCarbonatedDrinks.

The business model now includes 17 business units that sit on four, also international and Bottling Ventures Investments geographical segments. Leaders of the operations of this organization inform the President and Chief Operating Officer Brian Smith.


Innovation, efficiency and advertising effectiveness is a top priority for the provider. The Coca-Cola Company is running a rationalization process that will cause a portfolio, regional, and neighborhood with the highest growth potential custom set of international brands. 

To promote this initiative and encourage work units, the business is strengthening and reinforcing international leadership in five groups of customers most likely powerful:

  • Coca Cola
  • Sparkling tastes
  • Hydration, Sports, coffee, and tea
  • Nutrition, juice, milk, and Plants
  • Seemed Category

Business today announced the creation of the service platform, a company that will operate in support of its unity, the work function, and category to which efficiency and ability to supply a global scale. It will consist of data management, customer assessment, e-business, and social/electronic center.