Accommodation Facilities In Dingle, Ireland

The beautiful harbor of Dingle, surrounded on three sides by hills, is home to the spectacular fishing fleet and FUNGI, its resident dolphin. You will find comfortable accommodation and facilities for diving, boating, art galleries, craft shops, as well as facilities for sailing. You can also look for the best-guided tour of Dingle Walks by visiting

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You have the option of choosing from farmhouses, guesthouses, or homes, as well as lodges or cottages depending on your needs and budget. These are the top options for Dingle accommodation

Castlewood House- Guesthouse

Castlewood House, a luxury guesthouse with a stunning view is located on Dingle Bay's shores and is only five minutes from Dingle town. The guesthouse features 12 rooms that are spacious and equipped with modern amenities.

Sea Mount House-Home

Sea Mount House is a beautifully decorated home that offers warm hospitality to all its guests. The house provides luxurious, high-quality accommodation and a wide range of breakfast options.

Dingle Marina-Lodge

Dingle Marina Lodge is the ideal place to go if you want to travel to Ireland and enjoy the beauty of the peninsula. The guesthouse is situated on the waterfront of Dingle, West Kerry. Visitors can enjoy the stunning scenery and an entertainment area with a variety of bars and restaurants at the lodge.