Unconscious Bias Training – Why It Is Essential For Employees In Atlanta

In the current work that is diverse, It is essential to encourage efforts to promote diversity and inclusion. Employees must receive anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training from their employers. Employers should also provide training on unconscious bias to employees.

Unconscious bias happens when people make decisions based on the traits of another individual without even being aware of it or consciously thinking about that they are doing it. You can also navigate https://simplyhrinc.com/diversity-equity-inclusion/ for unconscious bias training to improve your workplace environment.

Employers who are susceptible to unconscious bias at work could be at risk legally as well as from a human resource standpoint.

Employees are trained to spot unconscious biases, and then take steps to limit the impact of their biases on the way they make decisions and interact within the workplace.

What are unconscious biases?

Unconscious biases are the result of assumptions and stereotypes that people make about specific categories of people that are not in their conscious awareness. Implicit biases arise from the fact that the "conscious" brain is able to process only 40 bits of information every second and leave an "unconscious" brain to process the rest.

"Unconscious" brains are the ones that run in constant motion "unconscious" brain runs behind the scenes, processing prioritizing, categorizing, and prioritizing information so that to the "conscious" mind concentrates on the most crucial.