Things To Know About Paediatric Bed

Obesity is a major problem in many countries now and it is necessary for child patients to have a right pediatric Bed. Pediatric beds, used mostly in hospitals for the hospitalized patients and also, for those bed-ridden patients who are receiving health care at their homes.

They are specifically designed beds for patients that help them by supporting them by providing comfort and ease during their recovery from surgery or sickness.  You can purchase nursing beds for home or residential nursing care whenever required.

The most commonly used sizes in pediatric beds are 42, 48, 54, and 60-inch widths. The standard length of these beds ranges from 80-84 inches. They are heavy-duty beds made up of a steel frame and are electric.

It can support up to 1000 pounds.

For pediatric beds, there are pediatric mattresses. These mattresses are tailor-made for the patients. It is very different from a normal mattress in the fact pediatric mattress is designed especially for obese persons. The material used in these mattresses is of extremely strong materials.

They have more durability than normal mattresses for the person using them. It's mostly made up f high-density foam, that can withstand the excess amount of pressure all through the day. They are able to adjust the pressures of the patient's body with the help of a cushion of air.

As a result, this helps in avoiding bedsores in the patients. Even if the patient, has been lying on the bed for a long time, due to the above-mentioned factor, the air is able to be circulated and the patient is comfortable. These mattresses have the advantage of been customized for the patients. These mattresses are not only comfortable for the patient but help in giving them a comfortable living.