Variety of Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is the process in which the application is managed and run virtually. The resources needed to run these apps are also kept in the virtual environment, known as the cloud. While these services are hosted on the 'cloud', a network of virtual machines or servers, the users are allowed to connect to those and use the services offered.

Generally, cloud computing services in Perth can be divided into three major segments.

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IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service: The days to invest more and more in IT infrastructure to expand your business are gone. It is not possible to enjoy as much storage needed, whatever IT equipment's needed, and as much internet bandwidth needed by availing of a service called Infrastructure as a Service. The service providers will set up all your hardware needs and you pay for as much as you use.

PaaS or Platform as a Service: In this mode, applications run on the cloud. A software selling company can easily use PaaS and let the software run on the cloud infrastructure instead of making them run on the client's computers or on the seller's local server. Generally, the cost of using the bandwidth or processing power is paid by the seller.

SaaS or Software as a Service: In this mode, cloud applications are paid for use only and there is no license that is sold. You need to use something just once; use it once and pay for it once and move ahead. It is very economical when used for a service or software which is rarely or infrequently used.