When To Transplant Marijuana Clones?

After four to five days of being in the rooting medium, you can be watching your clones more vigilantly for signs of roots.

While the process can take closer to 7 days in ideal conditions, there are always clones that root ahead of the rest.

When you are reviewing your clones, you will want to look for small root tips beginning to poke out from the rooting medium. To get marijuana clones you can also visit https://mendobros.com/oakland/.

When you identify the root tips, it is important to promptly transplant your clone into a larger container, in order to conceal them from the damaging effects of your lights.

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In the picture below, you can see a clone that is now ready to be transplanted, as shown by its root tips sticking out.

Learn How to Clone Marijuana Plants

In summary, there are a number of techniques that can be used and considerations to make.

Learning how to clone marijuana plants within their ideal environment – or at least the best one which you can offer them – will allow your clones the highest chance of forming roots and surviving, as well as reduce the time required for your clones to root.

Experiments with the marijuana strain which you will be cloning and observing how it reacts while experimenting with the topics we discussed in this cloning guide.